Pool Bash 2019

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One can’t have more fun than playing with water on a hot day in a splash pool!

Our School pool bash is a great place to lounge in and escape the heat.

Water play activities in young children strengthen motor skills, builds balance and the ability to propel and navigate. Coordination is also sharpened.

All this in mind, the PYP organised a pool bash for the students on May 17, 2019. The children turned up in colorful swim suits and whilst most had great fun playing in the water, they also spent time playing various other activities outside the pool area. This serves as the perfect time for them to bond with their friends and facilitators, shed all inhibitions and just be happy and excited.

Children enjoyed the cool pool under the guidance of professional coaches. They enjoyed the music and had a mind blowing time at the photo booth, especially created for them. The children thoroughly enjoyed the splash pool activity, jumping in the water, splashing water at their friends and playing with floating toys. The kids were still beaming and in no hurry to beat a retreat even after the event got over!