Professional Development Session for Teachers -January 2018

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GDGWS School gives a lot of importance to professional development of new and old teachers throughout their work span- from the date of joining, to build and sustain a professional learning community. Our school’s goal is to develop human potential in a continuous effort in order to become and remain an institute of excellence in education. Professional development seeks to improve the knowledge and skills of teachers through a variety of internal and external human resource developmental programs.M

From 10th of January to 12th of January all teachers of GDGWS attended PDP and developed their personal and professional qualities , and improved their knowledge,skills and practice ,leading to their empowerment ,the improvement of their agency and the development of their organisation and that of their pupils.

DAY 1 – Wednesday,10th January 2018
  • Welcome address by the Director-Principal
  • Useful Websites and its application skills workshop
  • Strategies of implementation Cambridge and IB Learners profile.
DAY 2-Thursday, 11th January 2018


  • Classroom Management
  • Routines & Procedur
  • Routines & Procedur
  • Micro Teaching Skills
  • Language Skills
  • Maths Skills
  • ICT skills
  • Curriculam planning
  • Team building games
DAY 3- Friday, 12th January 2018
  • Vertical and horizontal planning- Department wise
  • School policy sharing regarding IBDP and IGCSE Training sessions
  • School discipline policy sharing
  • Work remits and SOP’s for Form Tutors
  • SOP for Out station trips
  • Calendar –inputs and planning.

Concluding Address by Director Principal