PYP Exhibition

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PYP Exhibition is a culminating event which gives a chance to students and teachers to celebrate the journey of learning in the beautifully woven enriching IBPYP program.
This year Grade 5 chose 5 SDGs under the TD Theme -Who We Are and showcased their transdisciplinary learning through performing arts , visual art and theater.
They were given 100% agency while they were composing their own song for the exhibition. The students collaborated and wrote the lyrics, composed music and took pride in producing their first own song.
Students of grade 5 gave mesmerizing performances to support the SDG’s where they were assertive communicators, thoughtful and reflective of their learning throughout the exhibition.
They confidently shared their research work and explained the solutions for the challenges of their respective SDG’s through working models.
Parents as well as teachers were overwhelmed to see the confidence, creativity and enthusiasm in the children.
All the three stakeholders -parents, teachers and students celebrated and enjoyed the culminating event of their journey with the PYP.