Session on physical, emotional and psychological wellness

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Teaching is a remarkably rewarding pursuit if one is able to enable and empower learners. However, it is also about being a confident and committed teacher with a sound balance of a healthy mind and a healthy body. We expect our teachers to innovate, continuously learn, and create an engaging learning experience. At each stage, a teacher gets involved and strives to deliver to the best of his/her ability. In a performance-driven world, it becomes increasingly stressful to fulfill the demands of students while ticking all the deliverables in a limited timeframe.
Nowadays, the importance of the physical and mental well-being of teachers needs to be stressed more than ever. Education or any activity that involves an exchange of knowledge should involve a consistent focus on mental and physical wellness. In this endeavor, a wonderful session on the physical, emotional, and psychological wellness of staff was conducted at G.D. Goenka World School and it was my great pleasure to invite our guest speaker Ms. Vaani Pahwa Bhalla – Integrated Wellness & Medical Fitness Strategist | Keynote Speaker | Classical Dancer | Creating Holistic Health & Wellness Blueprints for Global Organisations. She spoke about the connection between psychological and physical wellness, about the importance of movement, and gave great tips for improving body postures and fitness.
As a school, we must think out of the box and deliver holistic solutions that would ensure both the mental and physical wellbeing of teachers. These solutions should be implemented consistently keeping their long-term impact in mind.