The Student Led Conference organized at GD.Goenka World School

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The Student Led Conference was organized on 20th January, 2018 for students of Grade Nursery – IV. This conference is a part of Primary Year Program which is conducted annually. The student is the main player of the student led conference.In this conference, pupils took ownership of their work and showcased their understanding of the concepts and skills developed during the session to their parents. They shared the PYP student portfolio, digital products, as well as contributions from the Specials areas such as music, art, PE, and Foreign Languages.The little Goenkans played educational games which were a part of their learning during their regular academic session. They were really excited to show to their parents everything they had learnt. Parents were delighted to see the enthusiasm in the children and the confidence in communicating their learning. Parents were amazed to see how students were developing the IBPYP learner Profile and attitudes.