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The TOK Essay is an essential requirement of the IB Diploma program which encourages the students to explore, discover and articulate their own views on knowledge.
A session on the Unpacking of the May 2022 TOK prescribed Titles was held on the 19th of September 2022 in the school’s premises which unfolded the highly challenging and demanding titles for the students. The three TOK facilitators, Dr Manisha Mehta, Ms. Sonia Kochhar and Ms. Monika Ohri took the initiative to provide the students with ideas and the underlying assumptions for each title. Unpacking refers to giving an idea about how and what to write in each of the prescribed titles of the essay; the key terms, key concepts, probable KQ, AOKs, real-life examples, etc. The students shared their views and listened to what others had to share. Through this process of dialogue and discussion, an enriching atmosphere was created which will definitely help students plan and structure their Essays appropriately.