Physical fitness is not just a component; it’s an integral part of the holistic educational experience at GD Goenka World School. Nestled on a beautiful campus with modern facilities, GDGWS stands as one of the nation’s top boarding schools, offering a robust academic, sports, and activities curriculum.

Balancing Body and Mind:

Interscholastic sports and fitness, seamlessly woven into the daily curriculum, aim to provide a harmonious balance to both the body and mind of our students. Whether it’s an escape from the academic routine, stress relief, weight management, or skill development, physical fitness is indispensable for every child. It instills discipline, focus, teamwork, and leadership skills, contributing significantly to an all-encompassing education. In the sports program, children experience not only challenges but also some of the most rewarding moments of their lives.

Tailored Coaching for Boarders:

After school hours, specialized coaching sessions are offered, and boarders enjoy personalized coaching in their chosen sport for an hour every evening.

Dedicated Physical Education Team:

Our Physical Education Department comprises a team of dedicated teachers who are specialists in their field. They are instrumental in implementing the day-to-day sports program, which includes intra and inter-house competitions aimed at identifying and nurturing talent.

Excellence in Sports:

Expert coaches are recruited to guide beginners, motivate enthusiasts, and train students for various competitions. GDGWS students have achieved numerous accolades in Swimming Championships, and many have excelled at inter-school, state, and national levels.

A Spectrum of Sports


GDGWS offers a wide array of sports, including Shooting, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Table-tennis, Swimming, Yoga, and Athletics.

State-of-the-Art Sports Infrastructure:

Our school is a national leader in sports infrastructure with seven playing fields, a cricket pitch, a 400-meter athletics track, multiple courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball, and a Fitness Centre that stands out as the crown jewel. The Fitness Centre houses a professional shooting range, a fully-equipped gym, glass squash courts, table-tennis, billiards, and a half-Olympic-sized indoor swimming pool.