Boarding or Day School: Which is best for your Child and Why

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A crucial decision that every parent has to take is to decide between sending their child to a boarding school or a day school. Every parent wishes the best for their children and hence, they are often confused as to what would be the best choice for their future. Both of the options, day schools or boarding schools in Gurgaon and other cities, have their own set of advantages. So, if you are a parent who is torn between the two choices, you can go through the individual advantages of both types of school, so as to know which one will be the best-suited choice for your kid.

Advantages of Boarding Schools

Choosing one of the top boarding schools in Delhi NCR will provide your child with a lot of benefits, such as

1. Confidence and self-reliance

Children who go to a boarding school or to a residential school in Gurgaon or nearby areas have to perform all the tasks on their own. They can’t rely too much on someone else’s help. They have to look after their own daily needs and problems. For instance, they are responsible for their uniforms being washed and ironed or for buying essential items. All this makes them disciplined, self-reliant, confident and, independent.

2. All-time guidance and all-round development

As the number of children in a boarding school or in a school with hostel facility near Delhi is less than the number of children admitted to a day school, each and every student gets full attention. This is what ensures that your child performs well on the academic front as well as in other co-curricular activities. Also, the availability of guidance at all times ensures that your child gets an all-round development

Day school advantages

Day schools have their own set of advantages that set them apart from boarding schools, which are:

1. Cost

Day schools cost less than boarding schools. This option is great for parents who look for budget-friendly options

2. Parents can supervise

Day schools provide parents with the option of keeping a close supervision on their kid. Also, parents are able to meet teachers on a regular basis. As a result, parents can monitor their child’s performance and provide them with the necessary guidance if and when required.

3. Emergency

If the kid falls sick or gets injured, parents can immediately reach their children if the child is going to a day school. Also, some children require extra care because of their tendency to fall sick more often and its best for them to go to a day school in such cases. Hence, in a day school, you can easily respond to any emergency situation that occurs with your kid.

Both boarding schools and day schools come with their own set of advantages. You as a parent should decide whether you child would do well in a boarding school or a day school. Plus, a lot of other factors also need to be taken into account for you to make this choice.

You can also consider a different option; like you could send your kid to a day boarding school in Gurgaon/Delhi that functions up to a certain time in the evening to provide your kid with the best of both worlds.

In the end, make sure that you choose the best school for your child, because the type of school you admit your kid to goes a long way in determining his or her personality.