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How IGCSE education helps in shaping your child’s future

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Although there are a plethora of boards for secondary education available for children these days, IGSCE, or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education, seems to be swiftly growing in popularity. Numerous parents across the country strive to get their wards admitted to schools that are affiliated with the same.

If you for one are still unsure, whether or not IGCSE is the right board of education for your child, here is something you need to look at. Mentioned below are some benefits of the IGSCE curriculum that go a long way into shaping a child’s career.

Wide-ranging choices

Studying at one of the IGCSE boarding schools in India, students get to select out of 70 elective subjects that are taught in 20 different languages. IGSCE board schools in Delhi NCR itself offer diverse combinations of subjects to assist students in making the right choice.

These subject combinations are not fixed. Although English is primarily the medium of delivery, other languages such as Hindi, French, and Spanish are also a part of the curriculum.

Proficiency in English

Across all IGCSE schools in Gurgaon and in other parts of the country, English is the first language. The proficiency in this language, as demanded by the board, prepares students with remarkable communication skills, which they make use of confidently.

It is often due to this very reason that universities in foreign countries such as UK and Australia, allow students having studied in IGSCE board schools to skip language proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.

A Global Outlook

This is something that is characteristic of some of the best IGCSE schools in India. These schools not only promote a global mindedness in students and undertake the same in their approach towards teaching and learning.

The consequence is that this helps instil a cultural awareness among students and they learn to look at global issues from a young age. IGCSE schools truly help develop students into global citizens.

World-Wide Identification

Another very important benefit of studying in IGCSE board schools in Delhi NCR, or in any other part of India, is that it is widely recognized. The board is identified by not only the top universities in the world, but also various important organizations, for whom it is a sign of excellence and competence.

Students from some of the best IGCSE schools in India can go on to study in top universities from around the world.

Given their quality assessments and enquiry-based learning approach, IGCSE schools guarantee that the students have valuable skills, including creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. IGCSE is a balanced curriculum that offers a flexible course of study. With most IGCSE subjects, students get a choice between core and extended curriculum.

Conclusively, it won’t be wrong to say that the IGSCE board of education not only delivers academic rigour, but also prepares students to become ideal citizens of tomorrow.