G D Goenka World School Interact Club organises Sports Day Bhagat Foundation For Education –School for Underprivileged kids

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As a part of the Rotary Interact Club, the students of Grade 10 organised a fun-filled sports day event for the underprivileged children of the Bhagat Foundation. The children from nursery to grade 5 were exposed to a friendly environment where they could compete against each other and have fun simultaneously in order to boost their confidence and learn the importance of such athletic events.To begin with, our DHM Ms Shahnaz Banoo Butt addressed the gathering regarding the significance of this event and guided all fellow interactors.

The day kicked off with a beautiful decoration of the field where a large banner and hand-made garland was hung. Once the kids were divided into separate grade-wise groups, a series of activities were conducted. Firstly, the children participated in ‘Spoon and Lemon’ race where the goal was to successfully cross the finish line without dropping the lemon.This was followed by ‘Two-Legged race’ where the students learnt about teamwork. After the kids paired themselves, the students of GD Goenka tied their legs together. The first team to reach the end was declared the winner. The children then enthusiastically participated in the ‘Caterpillar Race’. Everyone had great fun in this activity as the teams had to carefully carry basketballs between their bodies but without using their hands.A thrilling game of enlarging circles was then organised. With the help of our interactors, the young children formed a circle to kick around a basketball till the finish line. Our next activity incorporated important skillsets such as trust and leadership as one blindfolded kid was guided by his team mate as to where the basketball is to be kicked. Everyone got a great laugh out of this game and thoroughly enjoyed.The best part of the day however, was the dancing. We played the students favourite songs to which they showed off their brilliant dance skills. Not only were the individual performances amazing, but the joy and energy of the entire scene was praise-worthy. It was so amazing that even our grade 10 students could not stop themselves from joining in on the loud music to dance. This exhilarating activity was followed by an entertaining round of passing the parcel where the children enjoyed performing various exciting dares if the music stopped on them. The multiple competitive activities helped the children develop key skills: teamwork, leadership, discipline and focus. This lively environment helped them learn that not only is victory important, but enjoying the experience as well.

Finally, an award ceremony was conducted where the winners of the activities received chocolates and biscuits. Not only this, but our students presented each class with a first aid kit. Its contents and their respective uses were thoroughly explained. The delicious muffins which our students had baked passionately in school were also distributed along with other snacks. Both Rotary’s Charter President Dr Nischal Pandey and DHM Ms Shahnaz Banoo Butt thanked all interactors and children for their active participation that led to the success of our sports day. The marvellous day concluded with interactors thanking the young children for the amazing time we had with them. Spending the day with them brought forward our childhood innocence and care free days but also reminded us of our duty towards society. We can only hope to participate in such events in the future and bring forward smiles on many more faces.