GCEI 24th Sep 2020 Meet Writeup

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Students of GDGWS are participating in an international collaborative project on “Fresh Water Resources” organised by GCEI – Global Cultural Education Initiative. GCEI has started with this year-long project, for the young learners from different countries, across 5 continents , with the following objectives-

*International mindedness,

*Project based learning and

*Environmental Stewardship.

Our IBDP student, Nikita is already a part of this project along with nine other students from IGCSE and IBDP, now we want her to lead the project. Apart from managing the project with the team mates, as the student leader from our school, she will also be required to do the following-

*The student leader will lead the whole program and coordinate with student leaders from other schools.

*They will meet several times to exchange ideas and plan the program.

*They may even want/have to connect with international personalities.


The GCEI meetings held  are supposed to lay  grounds for our students to present their progress and accomplishments. Students are  participating  with enthusiasm in collaboration with other schools globally. Dhruv Maheshwari and Rajat Gupta, IB- DP students, presented an informative overview of the research and survey. However, the presentation was no individual feat and was a result of collaborative efforts by the entire team. In addition, they gained knowledge about other issues relating to water that other schools and students are working towards, spanning over 5 continents ,

Our staff, Naina Vaish , is assisting with the project. We are happy that we could provide this wonderful opportunity to our students due to the association of our Director-Principal with GCEI. Such opportunities really help the young to actualize their full potential #internationmindedness #gcei #waterconservation