GD Goenka World School Virtual MUN – 2021

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We are exceptionally proud to present to you the fourth edition of GD Goenka World School Virtual Model United Nations Conference-2021. This time we aspire to raise the unprecedented bar that we have set for ourselves. Marking the commemoration of the real art of dialogue and resolution, the conference enriches delegates with unparalleled geopolitical knowledge, consensus-building skills, and social awareness. We have ensured that we cater to all areas of interest, with a wide array of committees ranging from the UN Security Council addressing the proliferation of armed militias, to the British Cabinet reaffirming Brexit. We have also been meticulous in making sure that our delegates discuss resolutions that integrate to awareness and understanding of global issues, encompassing matters such as secularism, human rights violations, Outer-Space mining and even journalism and caricature under the International Press Corps.

We sincerely hope you will help us make this conference a grand success!