GDGWS Boarders Formal Dinner- 20th December, 2017

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The Boarders Celebrated their much awaited year ending formal dinner party on 20th December,2017 from 6:30 pm onwards. They all turned up to the party looking their best in formal wear. The Director- Principal and the HOP’s were also there to grace the occasion.

The party started with the nativity play and Christmas carols performed by the PYP and CS1 students, who put up a splendid performance. A special PPT presentation was made for the grade 12 students as it was their last social event in school. The most exciting part of the party was when all students competed to win the title of ‘Best Dressed Boy’ and ‘Best Dressed Girl’ , even the judges had a tough time deciding the winner.

The show then moved on to the much awaited selection of ‘Mr.Goenkan’ and ‘Ms.Goenkan’. The judges asked each of the participants of grade XII to introduce themselves and then also asked a question to each of them. The winner from the boys’ side was Karan Puruswani and from the girl side was Nicole Tenzing.

The boarders then enjoyed the rest of the evening dancing to the beats of the DJ and also relished the lavish dinner that was served to all.