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Creativity Activity and Service could not have gone hand-in-hand better than this opportunity for the Goenkans when children of IBDP Year 1 recently visited Jim Corbett for their CAS trip. Jim Corbett is a haunt for a number of tourists and wildlife lovers. It provides a great experience for young learners.
To begin with the students went to a local government school and helped clean its surroundings by picking up garbage, they also painted the school premises and taught children of grades 4th through 10th.
Each night, they had team-bonding activities alongside bonfires and the 2nd night of their stay they had a DJ Night as well. The event was a means to create stronger bonds among students.
The students went on a trek through Kunkhet, the wild village, and Kumeria Reserve forest. They also interacted with the local farmers and villagers. In the sunny weather, Students crossed multiple rivers on foot, which provided a great experience to them.
Lastly, the students also enjoyed an Open Jeep safari through the Main Corbett National Park. The whole experience added to the learning objectives and inculcated learner profiles among students.
The trip was memorable and enlightening for all.