PYP Field trip to Aapno Ghar

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Students of Grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th of GD Goenka World School visited Aapno Ghar Amusement Park on the 27th of November 2018 for an overnight stay with their teachers and PYP Head Ms. Poonam Singh.

The children had a fun-filled day at the Amusement Park. The day commenced with the serving of breakfast and refreshments, after which the children took their pick of the various joyrides and activities organised for them. It was a heart-warming sight to see the children so thrilled and excited as they went from one ride to another. Along with these rides, there were also several obstacle courses which kept the kids engaged and had them testing their agility in a playful competition with the others.
Lunch time was a buzzing of activity as they all recounted all the fun they had. After this, they were led to get some rest in the luxurious hotel rooms within the encampment of the Amusement Park.
The DJ Night was preceded by various games played by the children in the green lawns. The dance floor was brimming with energy, as the music took the students under its thrall, and led them to dancing their hearts out. Famished after this, the students proceeded to have dinner, after which they were escorted by the teachers back to their rooms. They unpacked, showered, played indoor games, listened to some music and swayed to the beats some more!
Next morning, the kids were served hot milk, after which they again took to the soccer fields and lawns, making use of the play equipments provided to them. They had a good, hearty brunch, and proceeded back to the school.