Inclusion and Differentiation

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Inclusion and differentiation begin with the belief that every child has unique strengths and Education has evolved over a period of time from being teacher-centric to learner-centric. The notable work by Howard Gardner and others has acted as a catalyst to create conditions to drastically change the education system by promoting a nimble teacher model that focusses on catering to varying student needs. The term Inclusive education is now used as a replacement for special education. The aim of inclusive education is to increase access, participation, and opportunities to learn for the neglected group of students in heterogeneous classrooms. Inclusion has increased the richness of the teaching and learning process by highlighting the uniqueness of every child and emphasizing different learning styles and pace. Inclusive education is a manifestation of collaborative, mutually constitutive, responsive interaction among teachers, guardians, and students. Differentiated instruction is integral to inclusion in any organization. In inclusive classrooms, at our school, teachers are using differentiation # #education very effectively as a part of their teaching strategies to foster an inclusive learning environment because we believe, every child matters! #inclusiveeducation