Weekend Activities for our Boarders

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“Home is where the Heart is, Home is also where there is Love, Happiness and Learning…”

Having commenced the new academic session about 10 days ago, many of our boarders decided to stay at the campus over the weekend. Making the two-day holiday, fun with learning, is always our endeavour.

A series of activities were planned for the kids where they performed Yoga on the lush greens of our campus, tried their hands at various forms of Art such as painting, playing the musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, and drums, while also shook a leg while dancing and performing aerobatics.

The weekend that went by, also celebrated the auspicious and prosperous day of ‘Baisakhi’, the harvest festival of Punjab. Students of GDGWS were taken to a Gurudwara to pay their respects and soak in the feel of the occasion.

A fun filled weekend with extensive new learnings not just add value but also make our students keen on engaging with newer opportunities each time.