Rules & Regulations

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At an international school with a vibrant multicultural environment, students are expected to be part of a community that exercises understanding and goodwill towards each other. The rules at GDGWS are designed to help us live and work together in harmony.

The faculty and staff at GDGWS are committed to ensuring that students graduate as confident, well-adjusted and disciplined members of society, with a developed sense of responsibility towards themselves as individuals and society at large.

We follow time-honoured values of conformity when it comes to the neatness of dress and personal appearance. We expect our students to extend courtesy and respect to parents, members of the staff and the public. We also expect our students to adhere to and believe in policies of honesty and hard work, taking responsibility for one’s actions and displaying strength of character at all times – values constantly inculcated by our staff.

While students who do not conform are counselled, persistent disregard for these values will ultimately result in a student being asked to leave the school.

While conformity to these rules, devised for the good of all the students, will, from time to time, require students to accept values with which they do not readily agree, we hope that they will understand the difference between rebellion for rebellion’s sake and rebellion for a cause. If a GDGWS student is to be rebel and a non-conformist, then it is against racism, sexism, intolerance, bullying, unkindness, inconsiderateness and lack of concern that we expect them not to conform.

We do not wish to produce graduates who are followers with no individuality, conforming to mediocrity and peer pressure. We do hope to produce leaders, individuals who display their value-systems through positive deeds and intelligent decision-making.

In the classroom, the teaching faculty at GDGWS believes that:

  • Discipline should be fair and consistent.

  • Students should be self-disciplined and learn to take responsibility for their own behaviour and actions.

  • Rules of discipline should be clearly set and students should be aware of what the school expects of them.

  • Teachers must set an appropriate example and where possible, initiate disciplinary action themselves.

  • The major role of discipline is to ensure the each student has the right to learn.

  • Punishments/consequences for breaching the school’s code of conduct are clearly understood by all members of the GDGWS community as there is a standard sequence of punishments for repeated offenders.

  • Most disciplinary problems can be resolved if avenues of communication between the school and home are established and kept open.

No Smoking Policy

The School has a no smoking policy which completely forbids smoking by the staff and students:

  • On school grounds, in the boarding houses & on the campus.

  • Smoking should not occur in any building classified as school property or used for school purposes by staff and/or students.

While not initially treated as a major offence, persistent breach of this rule, after repeated warnings, will result in the student being asked to leave the school.

Code of conduct

  • GDGWS encourages students to take responsibility for their own discipline, studies and personal behaviour. They are expected, at all times, to show concern and consideration in their behaviour towards fellow student, members of the faculty, for the school and the environment in which they live and work.

  • Mistreatment of the property of others shows a lack of concern for the owner of that property, whether it is an individual, the school as a whole or the community and will not be countenanced. Consideration for the other people’s property is expected at all times.

  • Students are expected and encouraged to take responsibility for their own progress and cooperate fully with the school by being punctual, diligent in their studies, preparing for and participating in all classes of which they are a part. No student, whether through neglect or lack of concern, has the right to interfere with the progress of others to further his/her goals. There is no place in GDGWS for irresponsible behaviour or for defiance against a teacher’s authority.

  • The development of respect is essential, both as an individual and as a member of the school community. At no time should a student’s conduct detract from the reputation of the school. Offensive behaviour will not be tolerated, whether it is with regard to the irresponsible use of offensive language, smoking, inappropriate displays of affection, drinking of alcoholic beverages, stealing, possession of drugs (other than those medically prescribed) or injury to others.

  • In matters not specifically covered by this code or any other school regulation, members of the school will observe the principles outlined above with regard to the dignity of each person, respect for others and their property and of mutual cooperation within the school community.


GDGWS is not associated with any religious or denominational organisation.